Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Feeling of euphoria

The sun made an anemic appearance in Berlin this morning, but by the time I stirred out of my apartment it had retreated. I went to the canal anyway, with my old dried-out left-over naan, to feed the swans. The ducks are faster but the swans have those long, long necks, so by strategically lobbing the bread in the right direction, while correcting for gusts of wind, it's possible to rig the odds in favor of the swans. They sell that naan in packs of 4 for 1.20 euros; it's so cheap but I can't eat it all before it goes stale, so the swans and ducks get to enjoy it too.

Afterwards, I had a moment of pure euphoria. The sky was gray, the weather could be said to have been, at best, crisp, and I went to buy my fresh new naan from the Kurdish guys that bake it daily. When I walked into their little shop about 6 of them were hard at work over the Tandoori ovens and it was so warm with such a yummy fresh bread smell bursting out of the place, that I just broke into a big smile. It was plastered all over my face as I walked back to my flat, clutching this big pack of 4 naans to my chest, so warm, so fragrant, well, it's hard to say why or where happiness happens, but it certainly is nice when it does!

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