Sunday, October 21, 2007

I've Figured It Out

OK, all you grrrls who bought into the Berlin "poor but sexy" myth, let me clarify. Like most else in the world, was this myth, do we suppose, authored by MEN or women? Hmmm. So this is how it works (for those of us unlucky enough to "like" men, if one can ever truly be said to do so). German men are about as lively as a bunch of celery. But no matter, I told myself, I knew in the beginning I wasn't here for the German men, I came for the immigrants. WRONG.

What do you suppose happens in a country where the men are as appealing as wilted lettuce?? The women jump over any specimen that shows the least bit of non-German life. An immigrant man
in the last stages of cardiac arrest dragging himself across the pavement in the direction of the Charité hospital would likely be accosted by more than one German women desperate to have his last glance rest on her. And now, where does that leave us immigrant women? Totally screwed. My dears, my plan to try Spain next is in the offing. Just wanted to share the knowledge. Berlin: definitely NOT sexy.

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