Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Rhythm of Romance

Is there anything more delicious than a long-distance romance? Or having lovers tucked away in all corners of the world? Perhaps that's my long-term goal in life, although I must say that as I keep expanding the numbers and countries, it becomes harder and harder to keep up! Through a lucky coincidence (as I was suffering serious film withdrawal after 4 weeks in Bollywoodland), I found out about the Breakthrough human rights filmfest in Delhi - After the very first film I attended, an independent filmmaker came up to talk to me. He asked if I was a filmaker, based on the knowledgeable question/comment I had made, isn't that a nice ego boost?? He's based in Delhi but from a lovely area in the Himalayas where the sacred river Ganga begins... perhaps a possibility for a future trip?

Womyn, this is the first man I've "dated" (in what's now been over a year since breaking up with my ex) who I've found attractive, interesting, engaged (including politically), and gentlemanly (a new requirement that seems to have sprung up in my 40s). I really just outright like him! After a year of feeling that virtually every single interaction I've had with men is somehow just OFF, and sometimes quite disturbingly so, I feel a tremendous relief that I'm getting my rhythm back. But not to worry, Indian men work very slowly, so I'm leaving India with my (renewed) celibacy intact.

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