Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Female Prostate Discovered in Vienna

It simply had to happen in Freud's home city, now didn't it?! Women have been discovering theirs all over the world (I, for example, found mine in Berlin), but it took Austrian scientists with a sample size of 2, yes, I repeat, TWO, to publish the first official scientific paper on the "phenomenon", last November in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Yes, my dears, you guessed it, Wimpissinger et al., all four of them, including my personal favorite -- Wolfgang Grin (I'm not making this up) -- were men. And not a one of them, I have to imagine, has ever seen a squirt porn video on-line. Oh, it's just too depressing.

Note to my younger readers: my personal thoughts on this is that it's no coincidence that their two subjects were in their mid-40s. Think of it as something you may have to look forward to. As always with us women, certain physiologies may have an advantage, it's hard to know. In my own case, a particularly rough Nigerian who was more married than he thought, with a piggy propensity for the pre-pubescent look, did, however, before I got rid of him in double-time, manage to teach me something new. For that he will never be forgotten.

Kiss, kiss.

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