Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Better Bald(ing)?

My dear friend D. has always been very clear that bald men are more sexy, and of course I am aware that she's by no means alone in strongly expressing that preference, but I've always been very hair oriented (long flowing black hair or tight dark curls on brown-sugar-skinned Latinamericans being my absolute favorite). Still, conscious more than ever of the need to forge new territory in all aspects of my life, I am happily jettisoning loads of previous conceptions, many of which clearly weren't working for me. I have just had an extremely agreeable experience (well, frankly, it was hot) with a man well into the initial stages of balding. I now have an entirely new idea to chew over and tease apart. I have simply got to know: is there any truth to what they say about bald men having more testosterone?? And aside from that does more testosterone mean they, ahem, last longer or can just, well, "recharge" faster?? Inquiring minds need to know...

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