Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rebound Woman

Recently I had occasion to realize that I'd never been anyone's rebound relationship; there is no real reason for this, I suppose, beyond coincidence or good luck (of which I used up my lifetime supply roughly two years ago...) This is, admittedly, a significant gap in my experience as a woman of the world, and so, ever one to throw caution to the wind, I jumped right in. For about six weeks it was quite spectacular -- absolutely amazing sex -- as Mr. Incredible is three standard deviations from the norm in this regard. But at the back of my head, there was always a niggling doubt. And sure enough, it's been four weeks now of him not managing to see me.

How does this feel? Well, I have to say, I certainly wish the sex had been simply mediocre as that would have made it a lot easier to just shrug! Any lessons for the future? Hmmm, I've always been trained not to draw conclusions from a sample size of one. But somehow I don't think this is a sample size I'm much inclined to expand. So, the conclusion remains: womyn have to say "no" more. All of you, repeat after me: "no, No, NO"! There, now isn't that better??

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