Saturday, December 6, 2008

Katchita's Sex Tip #3

Womyn, if you want to truly be treated like a goddess, find a man with a kink -- preferably one that untaps your hidden talents as an actress. Make his fantasies come true and he will, quite possibly, adore you forever. What is it exactly about kinky men? The older, or should I say, more experienced, I get, the more I’m coming to suspect that either 1) the only sex worth doing is kinky sex or 2) it’s only worth having sex with men with kinks.

To that end, before returning to Berlin in November, I’d written another Craigslist ad for Madrid, openly recruiting men with some kink that had gone unfulfilled. It’s rare the man who is able to write or even talk openly about his own particular thing, so I decided to employ a pretty intensive screen: an English-language Craigslist ad in a country where Craigslist is nearly unknown, requesting a multi-national, multi-lingual man-of-the-world who knows what he wants sexually and to whom God has been generous, in, shall we say, physical endowments. In three weeks, I've actually received a couple dozen responses but have only bothered with the top two. I’ll have to report back at some future time as to whether my screen worked or not, but let's just say the initial data collection is underway!

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