Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mind Made Up

Living in Berlin without Kakao is unthinkable, really (and to further torture us, its website continues to be on-line). Little did I know, when I wrote this post, that that was the last time their orgasmic hot chocolate would cross my lips. It was still open when I returned to Berlin last June, but the weather was so lovely that I ordered one of their chocolate ice creams instead. Then by October when I returned to submit all my visa paperwork, they were closed. M. remembers seeing a report of a place shut down in a drug sting operation (their Klassik was decadent enough to have been declared illegal). After going by there last night, talking to the wait staff, and verifying the venue is now occupied by a completely alien business, I rushed home to immediately booked my return flight to Madrid. I'll arrive back in time to spend at least part of the spring drowning my sorrows in Spanish chocolate caliente con churros. In the meantime, what is left for me in Berlin? Ah, well, the Berlinale, of course. Sans hot chocolate.

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