Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Berlinale IV

There are only four weeks to go to the Berlinale, my plane ticket's been long booked and this time I'm thrilled that Rosa will be joining me. I couldn't resist an advance peek at the festival website, although I know the program is never available more than 10 or so days before the start. What should I find to my great surprise but a video clip of Rie Rasmussen, apparently now the Berlinale's darling. Did I call it or what? I can't say how long that video will be on the homepage, so check it out ASAP. It would seem that she has a film in post-production dated 2010; those in the know will be looking for her to screen it at this year's Berlinale.

It's the festival's 60th year and I'm proud to say it's my fourth. I'm entering it with the goal of scoring tickets to 20 films this year. After all, with Rosa we'll be TWO people working full-time to scan that program, research those directors, endlessly queue and purchase tix. Berlin, I'll be back soon. I know you're cold and snowy; here's hoping you save some real snow for me! Someone's waiting for me with the Ofenheizung turned on high.

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