Friday, December 24, 2010

Nefi No More

The Nefertiti bust is, I think, one of the most spectacular representations of feminine beauty I have ever seen. When living in Berlin I'd generally go see her every six weeks or so, always on the free Thursday nights. I kept that up after I became just a visitor, albeit a frequent one, going to see her most times I was here, even if it was just to drop in for 10 minutes. Last fall she was moved from the Altes Museum to the newly opened Neues Museum which I wrote about here.

I always knew my no-cost love affair would end some day. In this case, I returned to Berlin this December to find the free entry (last four hours each Thursday) terminated by the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, which means no more popping in just to blow her kisses. But I think I always secretly hoped my love affair would end by her being returned to the Cairo Egyptian Museum, where she belongs. Aufweidersehen, schöne Königin. It was a beautiful four years. Now I hope you make it back home some time this century.

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