Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Pornography Post

Now I ask you, given the possibility of a steady supply of sex from multiple willing partners, how much time do you suppose men would spend wanking in front of their computers?  Picture this scenario if you will: ¨No, Miranda and/or Mandy, I couldn´t possibly service you right here and now as I have to go and watch for the 50th time that money shot where the Italian Stallion hits the voluptuous redhead square in the eye¨.  NO.  WRONG.  AIN´T GONNA HAPPEN.

Pornography is a perfect example of the damage caused by monogamy.   With so little sex happening and with men under pain of punishment for inappropriate sexual behavior, ranging from social ostracization to prison to a lifetime on the sex-offender´s list, what are the poor creatures to do?  I happen to think that them spending an hour or two a day watching flat-chested blondes ride well-hung dwarfs is a reasonable way to keep their hormones under control.  I also happen to think that a lot of monogamous relationships should give grateful thanks to pornography because I can hardly imagine how they would survive without it.

What do I as a woman think of porn?  I think it is horrifyingly male-centered. I think it is frequently yawningly repetitive and coldly plastic.  I think there is no doubt that it commodifies women.  I think it takes little account of women´s desire, sexuality and physiology, giving men next to no idea of how to interact with us, much less of our needs or how to please us.

I also on occasion enjoy it, particularly as a window into the desires of the men I´m involved with.  I even believe some porn is quite good, though it´s an unfortunately small minority.  Recently I´ve thought about asking for reader participation, to send me porn clips where they believe the women are actually climaxing (not the usual faking) and (even more rare) where the film-maker doesn´t immediately cut away from a woman´s climax. So what do you think, Sexless Berlin readers?  Do you have some good quality porn to share with me?  If so, post a comment with the link in the form of a URL.  And thanks to Anonymous whose comment prompted this post.


Anonymous said...

It makes sense to generalize women or men only in this way:
Men in general tend to fear women.
Women in general tend to not like men.

Otherwise all women are different as men are.

Katchita said...

You are of course correct, SV, that generalizations are almost always inappropriate. But generalizations vary across cultures. I don´t believe American men fear women. Their biggest lament is how materialistic American women are: ¨If you don´t drive the right car, you´ll never even get a date.¨ Interestingly, though, I´d say that your comment on women does apply to Americans as well as Germans.

Anonymous said...

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