Friday, October 26, 2007

Food Alert - Real Naan Spotted in X-berg

Here's a real food coup -- there is actually a shop with, of all things, multiple tandoori ovens, very close to where I'm living. I asked the people working there; they are Turkish Kurds and this apparently is bread baked just like back home. It's a tiny shop "Tandur Brot" at Kottbusserdamm 6 just north of the Schönleinstraße U-Bahn stop, on the west side of the street before the canal. It's the first I've seen in Berlin; to date all so-called naan in Indian restaurants has been awful -- yeasty and undercooked -- which I assume comes from trying to bake it in a regular oven. This tandoori brot falls somewhere between naan and pita, as far as taste. It looks and feels exactly like naan, so I figure the slight pita taste must come from the flour they use.

Finding decent Indian food here (aside from the naan), is not too hard. Every Indian restaurant in Berlin seriously oversalts and as all the dishes are made up in large batches, there's not much a customer can do to intervene. Some places are not as bad, so I encourage visitors to try several in their vicinity; there are lots throughout the city. Now that I've found a passable restaurant in my 'hood, my plan is to get naan, get Indian take-out, and pig out at home. YUUUMMM!

The good thing is I'm not losing so much weight living in Berlin as I did last year. Having moved here from the Bay Area, of course I had been spoiled with so much fabulous food (not to mention that my ex loved to cook). I'm lucky to be in that extremely irritating minority of women who actually have to make an effort not to lose too much weight.

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