Friday, October 26, 2007

International Film Critic

Guys, in looking to see if Google's already entered my blog into its search engine (it has, after less than a week), I discovered I'm an international film critic. And it all fits perfectly because I've been meaning to announce to everyone I know that this incredible film from last year's Berlinale is currently playing in Berlin. I'm SO pleased that it got picked up by a distributor. And oh, oh, oh, it's playing undubbed at the Acud. What could be more perfect for those of you who can read German or understand Serbian??

So, look here on the very bottom of page 7 if you want to see my quote translated into German. Isn't it exciting? And they did it without my permission, that's so European. But I did meet the director last year -- he promised me a copy of his first film if I sent him Email, but I never did. So now, I guess I will have to call in a favor, what do you think? If you want to see my original review, look up Klopka at So here's crossing our fingers that it makes it across the ocean, my American friends.

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