Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Craigslist ad that keeps on giving

I promised you more on These Men and my Craigslist posting (which seems to have a life of its own as it is still up after more than 6 weeks). So let me see, there were the late-20-somethings who were oh-SO-busy they couldn't possibly manage to meet for a drink until 2 weeks in the future [dropped like a hot potato]. Listen, if you can't get your time together at 20-something, what sort of disaster are you going to be in your 40s? But it gets worse; want to see?

ROCKY (714)264-8788"

There, now isn't that compelling? Ha! Reminds me of another German man, quite nice looking in the photo he sent (surprisingly because at best I find 1 in 1000 to be the least bit attractive). Turns out he is moving to Z├╝rich at some point but is living in Wisconsin of all places. Just a small little detail that he didn't exactly highlight in his first couple of Emails... He didn't respond when I figured it out and rather pointedly wrote "I am looking for someone in Berlin; exactly where are YOU?" Quantity over quantity, it's a well-known reproductive strategy, though I certainly can't vouch for its success. As my ex used to say, "Welcome to the Men's Club; one of our members will be contacting you soon"!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Salon Personals? Less of a crap shoot.