Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cinema *S* (for Sex)

I never did a full description of the Second International Pornography Film Festival, where I saw, among other things, a film with the engaging title of The Bi Apple, by one of the directors who appeared at the even more engaging female porn film director forum. But it works out better this way as it is coming out all mixed in my mind with the Berlinale, which this year had something for everyone, including this intrepid sexologist (strictly a hobbyist, of course).

As I began this post, it was the last day of the Berlinale, and, as usual, I got an Email from someone I can only call a non-friend (and one of the men who drove me into celibacy months ago), about all the free tickets he didn't use, isn't it a shame?! GRRRR -- this is so sadly indicative of the energy level (or should I say enervation level) in Berlin. So, I managed to see 13 films the hard way -- by standing in line and paying for each ticket.

When I saw a film entitled "The Glow of White Women", I just had to get a ticket, if only for the name. And I'm quite surprised to say that of all the films, this seems to be the one that has most gotten inside my mind. I'm reminded of the divine Ms. Davis' musings on the eroticization of black men. We call it jungle fever in the U.S., and it's always fascinated me that the only time I ever get tongue-tied when I'm interested in a man is with African-Americans. I just can't get over my reluctance to be categorized that way (particularly when I know there's some truth to it).

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