Friday, February 15, 2008

On to my new Wonderful Life

Rolling with this new wave of energy, I will briefly comment that the day before yesterday I had three, count them, THREE, unsolicited exchanges with men within 24 hours, as I was just making my way about town. This never happens in Berlin; there must be some sort of glow about me, some sort of happy little rainbow over my head. [For you long-time Berlin residents, I will qualify this by saying two were foreigners and one was a Ukrainian nationalized as a young child, thus not at all inconsistent with my continued contention about German men]. I will say that this absolutely proves my point about men in general -- disaster is guaranteed up to and until a woman truly reaches the point of not giving a good goddamn. Then all is golden. And grrrllls, I am finally back at that point again. So now all I need to do is sit back and amuse myself by watching the proceedings. In the meantime, enough of unsexy Berlin; I'm making my plans to escape. India was a potent reminder of my need for sun and sensuality. My only problem is, I cannot possibly decide which Spanish city to pick, so I'm asking you to help me with this nifty little poll.


Steve said...

The sounds good forme then, about the German women I mean. I'm an English guy wanting to move to Berlin in the next few years, or maybe some other city in Germany. What's the economy looking like in Berlin these days?

Katchita said...

Steve, there's lots of talk just about everywhere about the economic disaster that is Berlin -- for some sample blogs, look at Broke in Berlin or Berlin Bites. After all, the "poor but sexy" quote comes from the major, popularly known as Wowi, so he should know (at least about the poor part; as for the sexy part his perspective is a tad bit slanted as he's gay). As an English guy (unless you are from an ethnic minority), you're not so exotic here. But your language is an advantage (many German women are serious about learning English) and if you have any ability at all in the showering attention/affection department, I'd bet you'd have your hands full!

Steve said...

Yeah I read Ed Ward's blog, he reckons it depends on what line of work you're in. Nah, I'm a white working-class Midlander, quite exotic in the Midlands these days but I see why it wouldn't be to the German gals... I'll keep my options open, I went to Berlin about three years ago and I thought it was very cool, I was very interested in what makes them tick but they're quite shy in some ways. All the German girls were very polite to me though, and spoke English, so that's hopefully a good sign.