Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day is Over

Could there have been a nicer Valentine's Day present for a woman alone and far from home than an Email from her new love interest in India?! No artistic license here; this actually arrived today and brightened a gloomy Berlin day with thoughts of the chaos of Indian sun and calor humano, as they say in my other favorite part of the tropics. Sadly, though, I was right and his mother has died. Nice that I emerge not as a sad association of that time but a happy memory to assuage, in some small manner, the loss. Believe me, womyn, I have already started applying myself to channeling much of my (not insignificant) sympathetic energy through cyberspace.

Something else happened this past weekend, the exact anniversary of the very cold and snowy first weekend of last year's Berlinale when I sent my "ex" away. We hadn't spoken since he visited briefly in December, and when we did, for several hours, I found myself hearing much of the same message as last summer. All of a sudden I was struck, quite strongly, with the impression that he's stuck, completely stuck, and I've moved on. It felt very much like "UGGHH". I have to ask myself, is it possible to fall out of love with someone in a single day? Because I think it happened on Monday. After a whole year, I suppose it's time.

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