Sunday, March 16, 2008

Maslow's Hierarchy

Granted, we have to eat. And drink. And sleep. But sex -- well, we won't die without it, will we? Why is that need ranked as so fundamental? Is it because collectively we will die out without it? These reflections are leading up to my confession -- I fell off the wagon. Despite my ignoring him as much as possible, Mr. Non-friend persisted. After all, he's male, and that's his job, despite how indifferently he goes about it. M. once asked me -- or maybe I should say, stated glumly for my confirmation -- "So it's really the woman who makes the decision, right?" Oh, yes, indeed. But sometimes they just wear a woman down, honestly, these men. I didn't even bother to say no, I just pled moving overload and ignored him rather aggressively.

Still, somehow he managed to call at one of "those days" of the month -- which will have to be another post -- when I just am too weak. Again, that's his job to know, and that part he does do very well. This guy is Peruvian, and a performance artist. And just like with my ex, everything I do is material for him. It wouldn't matter if I were to haul off and punch him, I'm sure he would be right there with me. Honestly, I swear off these creative types over and over, but I can't help myself; the first time he told me, "Mi trabajo es con el cuerpo, es lo que hago", I should have known it wouldn't go easy for me!

But other than that we speak the same language (well, actually, Spanish and sex), and even factoring in my great appreciation for the arts, we have little in common and I really just don't like him very much. This time I told him he's selfish and lazy, and he completely agreed. But some of the few times we've connected, I've had some of the best sex of my life. What does one do with someone like that? Move to Spain and find a dozen more like him who aren't so lazy and selfish, I suppose!

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