Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bless me father, for I have sinned (or whatever the equivalent is in Islam). For once it isn't me playing the penitent sinner (well, in my case it rarely exceeds semi-penitent). Last night close to midnight, having discovered that I was to be completely alone in the apartment the whole night (which never happens since one of my housemates is always around), I debated with myself. I ended up sending the Egyptian a message to invite him over. He's younger than I thought by about 4 years, so I have a bit of that robbing the cradle sensation, but on top of that, he's also clearly only a handful of experiences removed from being a virgin. Well I can tell you that was a new and different situation for me, as my type is the super sexually-experienced. For the first time I was actually doing some teaching, and it's interesting because frankly, the best men in bed nearly always talk about some iconic (usually older and experienced) woman in their lives who played that role. I guess that time has come for me, and I have to say I wouldn't mind at all. But somehow I don't think it will be with this guy...

I was very straightforward and asked him the question that's been preying on me. His youngest sister is 13 and he says the debate on FGM has really heated up in the last 3 or 4 years, and that it's just really not being done any more. His family hasn't done it to her, which I take to mean the older sisters, poor things, are out of luck. Well, I rolled out my suggestion, which I'm doing more and more, about going slow, building up to things gradually (which is really much more fun in the long run, but most men want instant gratification). After lots and lots of talk about this that & the other having to do with Islam, and me getting more and more tired and finally telling him that I would have to kick him out and go to sleep, he went for the instant gratification. And, womyn, afterwards, I could see on his face the beginning of self-torture. Another long discussion about Islam ensued, but this I didn't mind as I was lying in bed with him sitting naked beside me -- definitely the way I recommend all religious discussions should proceed!

This was quite simply a fascinating experience for a Catholic woman. It made me feel like a virtual novice in such things. For once I had a sense of what all those men must think when I launch into my Catholic sinner routine. Delicious!!

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Vagamundos said...

You know what they say:"who taste black, never comes back"...

I´m in a position to say that this is not totally sure... but maybe Im just the exception... who knows.

About teaching and learning, even I enjoy to teach, I have to say that I prefer to discover that live is a learning road.