Friday, September 12, 2008

Katchita's Sex Tip #2

Here's the thing: just as there is milk, there is sex, but then, just as there are Belgian truffles, there is sex with women who think. Before I go further, there are certain things one cay say in Spanish that come off sounding poetic, whereas in English they just sound corny. Recently, I found myself saying, "el deseo de una mujer es como una flor tropical", and I'll just refer you non-Spanish speakers to Babelfish which, for once, translates it perfectly. It takes a certain type of man to put together the thinking thing with the tropical flower thing (in fact, I'd say that it's never occurred to the vast majority of men out there that women even can think). So what is necessary for this tropical flower to bloom, pray tell? Why, exuberant warmth, nourishment and care. And what happens, with time, when the thinking really starts? Let's just say, a man could find himself sucked right through a wormhole, with a very very BIG BANG, into a whole new universe.

Corollary to Sex Tip #2: One-night stands really, really don't work for most women. Do I need to explain why?

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