Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Look of Bad Teeth

In Nicaragua, I had a lover with golden teeth, not that they were solid gold, of course, but it was more of a golden glint. Nearly everyone had some gold in his/her mouth in Latinamerica in those days. I don't see that with the immigrants here in Europe, so undoubtedly they are getting their gold replaced by composites. But I digress as what I was thinking about in this post, is I could sit in ten subway cars in Berlin before finding a single man attractive; whereas in Madrid, it can often reach one third of every car. But still I have had members of both sexes/persuasions tell me they find German men very attractive. It's truly a puzzle to me how attraction works. Where I see pasty skin and washed-out complexions, dull eyes, lifeless colorless hair, weak chins and thin lips, do others see Aryan gods? They don't have to even open their mouths because already, to me, they have the look of bad teeth.

When I see a man from Latinamerica or Africa in Berlin, it feels like I've been thrust into a different energy level. The full lips, the broad noses, and the skin tones strong enough to withstand even eight months of nearly complete lack of sun -- maybe somehow it takes me back to the tropics and I'm reminded that somewhere there is a world of sun and life. As for Spain, despite the undeniable northern influence, well, it's close enough, both geographically and genetically, to Africa, that that reminder is always there. But still, in Spain as well as Germany, it's the immigrants; yes, for me it's all about the immigrants.


Anonymous said...

If a male blogger had written such an entry, he'd deservedly be skewered for sexism, lookism, exoticism, and considering other people from a sex tourist's point of view.

Makes one wonder why feminism and women's rights never seem to include being held to the same standards as men.

FYI: a full 20% of the Berlin population (including immigrants) are poor enough to qualify for public welfare. The city itself has been skirting bankruptcy for years. Poverty is not conducive to physical attractiveness.

For a comparison, would you like to see all American men categorically dismissed as unattractive by a visiting foreigner, because she decided to stay in a poor, dreary Rust Belt town?

If it's Aryan Gods you want to see, go to the richer parts of Germany. Maybe a roll in the hay with some strapping, well-tanned mountain guide from Bavaria will change your opinion of German men.

Katchita said...

Anonymous, thanks for your input and unarguably interesting points, but maybe being a bit less literal would help take the edge off this post for you. What accounts for attraction and why is it SO different for so many people? I can look into my past and sort of understand, not totally, but somewhat. So if it's not even clear to me about my own self, of course it becomes a more interesting puzzle for me looking out at others. I can't help but conclude that attraction really isn't about being PC, which is something the American left has struggled with. It's just not something to which "isms" can be applied.