Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is Sprung

Yesterday at 5 PM, the sun came out for the first time since November 17th and by 6 PM I was in Helmholzplatz licking an ice cream and sitting on a park bench with my face like a sunflower pointed straight up at the sun. Today was even warmer and the mercury is forecast to approach 20°C by the weekend, so all thoughts of working on my FUTURE in capital letters are out the window and I am instead focusing on recovering from so much grey, grey, grey. I'd forgotten the delight of spring after a long, hard winter (the hardest since I moved to Berlin). One thing that the Germans know for sure is that suffering, once removed, can feel oh-so-good. I learned this, of course, from my German mother. Zu leiden ist ihre Leidenschaft. [See -- isn't that neato? -- suffering and passion have the same root in German!]

Berlin is once again meine Leibe, though her renewed seduction is perhaps rather too dependent on the Lively German. He is leaving soon on his Great Adventure (bicycling from Delhi to Shanghai -- yes, that's right, that means big mountains, actually the biggest in the world, so can we all say BUNS of STEEL??); I will have to see if she can hold her charms in his absence. And if not, my return to Spain is fixed; I will be interested to see how I feel flying away -- leaving home, or returning to it? I really have no idea where home is at the present time, but am counting on yet another move to show me exactly.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the sun just make everything seem OK? (Is that true, about November 17th?)

And I never knew your mother was German.

Katchita said...

Well, how about if I said "Germanic"? Or German-American? I just inserted a link to my "Todo Sobre Meine Mutter" post in January, where all is revealed. Shall I say German waters run deep... or German blood is thicker than water (?) In her case that's four generations deep and thick.