Wednesday, April 22, 2009


When I first moved to Berlin two and a half years ago and discovered my favorite pool, the Europa Sportspark at Landsberger Allee, there was a cigarette vending machine right out front, all the better to get budding athletes hooked on nicotine as early as possible. I can't say exactly when it disappeared; perhaps it was a result of Berlin's smoking ban, phased in during the second half of 2008. But I'm happy to report I've found another one in the most unlikely of places -- Lehde, in the middle of the Spreewald bioreserve. Lehde is the cute little town about 2 kilometers east of L├╝bbenau via the footpath that winds through the various canals and wetlands. This was another pleasant day trip just before Easter and I highly recommend the canoe/kayak rentals. We only did the basic one-hour route but I definitely want to go back some other time for the longer two- or four-hour loop. It's simply too too precious!

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