Tuesday, May 5, 2009


And now, a special post for the Catholic among you. Mr. Incredible is expiating his sins. Or so he says. When I saw him a couple of days ago, it had been six months since he cut things off with me, shock-and-awe style. Surgically, one could say. The putative cause of this military action? An ex-girlfriend. Who had just flown in from Argentina. And installed herself in his apartment. Against his will. Without (if you'll excuse the crudity) putting out. Which has continued during this entire time. SIX MONTHS. A man and a woman living together, like a pair of monks, incensed and inflamed to a level which, as he describes it, can hardly be humanly bearable. Particularly given that, the last I was in a position to check, there was only one bed in his apartment...

Gentle readers, you will undoubtedly ask, Katchita, were you born yesterday? To which I would respond, Does it seem that way? Well, no, of course not, so I immediately asked what those sins might be. Twice. But sadly no details were forthcoming. My mind has wandered, of course, as is its wont. Just think of the possibilities: monstrous sex crimes that I don't even want to spell out (of course) top my list. Followed closely by the most interesting of the Ten Commandments. Murder. Mayhem. Adultery. Then there are the Seven Deadly Sins. I end with the Golden Rule, hmmm. Well, masochism has never been my thing but my imagination is certainly sufficiently ample to grasp the concept. So yeah, the possibilities are virtually endless. Another case where I will probably never know the true story. But probably the one in my mind is more interesting.

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