Thursday, June 17, 2010

Katchita's Sex Tip #4

I had very nearly resolved, this weekend, to shut down this blog completely, having apparently decided enough was enough when suddenly it struck me: what if it's something hormonal? As I pondered this, I realized, by Jove, I haven't finished with my Sex Tips, plus it's been far too long since the last one. Over the last few months, I'd contemplated Anonymous' four voluminous comments and will weigh in on this issue. Yes, it's entirely possibly my final thought on my deathbed will be, if not "I wish I'd had more sex", then at least "I wish I'd managed to figure out a way to make great sex last longer with the most twisted and inspired of These Men." Sadly, I have yet to find mind-blowingly amazing sex with a man who is capable of a real relationship. Indeed, things with these men generally last no more than a few weeks, or often blow up on the runway.

What exactly is up with that? I've concluded that mind-blowingly amazing sex is located at the extremes of the good old bell-shaped curve. I'm referring here to men who are either control freaks on the one end (watch out especially for those who hide it well) or preternaturally detached and distant at the other. There's something about these types that allows them to really tune into sex in the sort of single-minded, go-for-broke way that I find completely compelling. But these men are simply unworkable, and the sooner one realizes it, the better. The absolute worst nightmare is a combination, i.e., the detached control freak. It takes some doing, believe me, but it does exist. I've spent rather too much time trying to "figure out" one or two of these types. I finally realized it's probably a good sign that I never quite could.

Now then, if, on the other hand, you're one of those lucky people out there who is normal or can be happy with normal, my congratulations. Part of me has wanted normal all my life, but since taking a bite of the forbidden apple of mind-blowingly amazing sex, I have been, to put it tritely, damned for all time. For those of you out there who are equally damned, my advice, then, is to just accept that a great sex encounter will burn itself out in short weeks. The trick is to extricate yourself before you end up hating him, or worse, yourself. There's a real up side to this: having it end at the point where you're still wanting more (often when you're simply rabid for more) guarantees that that particular penile-bearing specimen, will always remain, in your mind, electric, scintillating, unforgettable. And that's not such a bad thing. No, not a bad thing at all.

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