Friday, June 25, 2010

Simply Irresistible

I always used to advise my women friends who lamented their bad luck with men, that as soon as they stopped giving a damn, they'd have to beat them off with a stick. I'm holding to that conclusion, as even at my advanced age, I'm finding it re-confirmed before my very eyes. My new indifference has them circling thick as sharks. In the last two weeks or so, the barrage has been nearly constant and I've been surprised with my guard down on several occasions. In the most extreme case, an older Spanish man grabbed my arm at my favorite salsa club in Madrid, as my date was in the restroom, and told me he simply had to see me (and my smile) again!? In another, in a group of new friends, a man I'd never met before, there in front of everyone, declared his burning desire to dance the tango with me. Phew, what's that about? Out of necessity I've dusted off and oiled the old body armor and sharpened my sword.

I am quite certain this works in the opposite direction as well, meaning women to men. Indeed, the other day, I was comparing notes with Mr. Incredible, who has resurfaced as a minor character on the big screen of my life. He'd made a very similar comment about feeling completely indifferent and the women being thick as thieves. It would seem that both men and women love a challenge. The mystique of the unattainable: I've got it, for the moment at least, and I'm damn well going to flaunt it. Dangerous Curve Ahead: sharp tongue/sarcastic mind.

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Anonymous said...

I find that injecting Valium in the spot between your eyes and nosebone really helps pulling off that "disinterested" look in case you are in fact really interested, or "horny".