Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who ARE You People Anyway?

Blogspot now collects all sorts of interesting statistics for its bloggers. On Christmas Eve, Sexless Berlin reached exactly ten thousand hits since the count began.
That's an average of some 500 to 600 hits per month! Germany and Spain each account for 24%; the U.S. for only 15%. The top post by far is Live Sex at Berghain with 17%; the next, Wooing by SMS and Penis Envy, don't even come close, at 5% each. What do we think this might be? Penis Envy is probably a pretty common search term, but Wooing by SMS? It can only be that I refer to my bra size as being the same as Demi Moore's, am I right?

Over the past year or two, feeling that it's time for a change after so many years, I've contemplated closing this blog entirely and starting a new one. But the thought of losing all my readership is a serious deterrent. I've also thought of making Sexless Berlin more explicit, which gets me into all sorts of possible issues regarding adult content.

So I've decided to open it up to you, my readers. There are many more of you than I ever imagined. Why do you read Sexless Berlin? Is it to find good restaurants here? For the in-the-streets (and the ticket lines) coverage of the Berlinale? For the wry analysis of where we've gone wrong as men and women? For the sarcastic Sex Tips?

What would you like to see on Sexless Berlin in the next year or two? Would you like it to continue as the eclectic but sexually inexplicit mix that it is? Or would you like something completely new where I am more open about the meaning and mechanics of human sex? The thought running through my head at this time is a chronicle of my own journey, taking Sex at Dawn to a logical second step. Sex at High Noon, if you will.

I invite you all to comment; if you haven't ever filled in a comment form on Blogspot, now's the time. You can do so completely anonymously. I have no ability to see anything about where you have commented from, nor your Email address or ISP. But if you're so inclined, it would be nice to know if you're reading from Istanbul or St. Peterburg (yes I have readers in Turkey and Russia) as well as what your interest might be: Berlin culture, film, or sex, Sex, SEX!


Anonymous said...

Dear Katchita,

I read your blog for the informative sex talk and your funny comments about men and general life. I support the move to more explicit posts, I really admire you for having the ovaries to write so openly about these topics!

Love from J in Berlin

Anonymous said...

why do i read your blog, you ask? i enjoy your style of writing; a stream of consciousness of sorts about your sexual and/or the political observations of the spanish/german/american cultures ... your sexual escapades (successful & disappointing) with various men have also been entertaining and how you've extrapolated those experiences into a larger discussion ... your food and restaurant reviews, although few, have been entertaining and, hopefully, one day useful if i ever get back to spain ... and your maintanence of your film viewing has provided me with many fine selections from the netflix catelog ...

and what would i like to see in the future? yes, sex, sex & more SEX ... what can i say? not only your personal experiences (or observations) but also how that plays in our cultures (US & spainish) ... you had posted awhile back about your consideration to delve into (perhaps, re-delve into) a menage a trois ... i never did see the update to that ... and while on the topic of updates, your productivity could use some improving ...

Anonymous said...

Sex am Morgen eine Qual,
warum denn nicht am Abendmahl?

(the secrament)(instead of 'am Abend mal')

Anonymous said...

I just read this post, I've read some of your posts over the past months, slowly. I agree with much of what you say and I like your prose, and also, your taste in movies. I really like that there are still so many posts that I haven't read yet.
from the US, -someone who didn't grow up in the US.