Thursday, February 9, 2012

Berlinale 2012: Hot Tip

Talented Berlin director Markus Stein, of Balkan Traffic fame (my review is here) brings us Unter Männern: Schwul in der DDR (Among Men: Gay in East Germany). This film is already getting a fair bit of attention in Germany (for example, see this review).

Run, don't walk, to your local Berlinale ticket office (at the Postdamer Platz Arkaden, Kino International or Haus der Berlinerfestspiel), to buy a ticket (offered up to three days in advance of each screening). The options are Monday the 13th @ 5 PM, Tuesday the 14th @ 12 noon and Friday the 17th @ 5 PM.

I am absolutely thrilled to report that at this, my sixth Berlinale, I will be the invited guest of said director, in his Tuesday screening. This is roughly as thrilling to me as when noted New York Times best-selling author Christopher Ryan commented on my blog back in August!


Anonymous said...

Unter Männern: Among men
'Untermänner' ist eine Anspielung (reference) auf das von den Nazis verwendete 'Untermenschen' and means, if translatable, maybe: subhuman men.

Katchita said...

Thanks for your translation, Anonymous. I was scratching my head at the translated title, "Among Men". Maybe The Director can explain...?