Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sex Tip #9

Here's how it works, grrls.  In order to avoid having to constantly massage his ego, you need to look for a self-confident man.  But keep in mind that men are self-confident for a number of reasons.  They're tall.  They're good-looking.  They're rich.  Or they're powerful.  It's a safe bet that these specimens should be discarded immediately, if you, like me, want a man who's good in bed.  Look for the ones who, despite having none of the above qualities, are still self-confident.  It will mean they may have that special talent you're seeking; at a minimum they'll be worth trying out (refer back to Sex Tip #8 for screening techniques).

The One I Like Best isn't tall.  He isn't good-looking. He isn't rich and he definitely isn't powerful.  But yesterday as I was walking in Lavapiés thinking about when I'll finally get back to Berlin to see him again, some guy walking by broke out into a passionate piropo praising my looks. It must have been written all over my face: man alive does The One I Like Best keep me going back for more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katchita,

I read something recently and I was wondering if you have an opinion about it.

The author was saying that male libido has been weakened by the instant availability of porn on the net.

Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

As a regretful member of the male species here's my 2c: I think that someone (dons tin-foil hat) has been systematically - perhaps unwittingly just by being stupid, perhaps not - eroding both male and female sexuality in different ways.

Not qualified to speak to the female aspect but in terms of male sexuality, eroticism - key component of good sex - has been virtually wiped out in favour of the 'in your face' school. Was always the case in porn more or less but the net made it ubiquitous as Anonymous says above.

The commodification of women by presenting them as overtly sexual (as opposed to erotic) objects dehumanises them in many ways, as we all (should) know, but it is not so widely known - especially by the male victims who seem to be made denser too as a side effect - that this removes the erotic component by by-passing the imagination.

I think it's probably intentional but even if not then it's still diabolical.

Love the blog btw - just discovered it....

Katchita said...

Thanks for the compliment, Fulcanelli! These comments relate better to The Pornography Post, which was a response to Anonymous' comment here and which I hope you´ve also read. In thinking about your points on eroticism, I´d ask you this: why do you believe eroticism of women is less dehumanizing (your word) than pornography? Where exactly is the line? Perhaps this topic also merits its own post.