Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sex Tip #10

I understand that it's not for everyone to be a dogmatic anti-monogamist crusader. So I've been trying to think how my readers can contribute to changing the system in a modest way.  My previous post ended with a gentle suggestion to my fellow females, to give These Men the benefit of the doubt.  After all, we have to keep in mind that the poor dears are dealing with a stream of pornographic images (PI) pumping through their brains on something like, what do I know, a millisecond basis... [my original PI post is here].  Whereas even Katchita, who definitely rates as a red-blooded American female, doesn't experience more than half a dozen on her best days and sometimes can go for days with nary a one.

It certainly never crossed my mind when I started, but over the years I've gotten used to men seeing my blog as an open invitation to send me dirty pix of their pride and joy or their favorite Internet porn or even once a personal home video (!)  It finally dawned on me that they're simply aching for the opportunity to show off their special friends.  Analyzing this phenomenon in my Katchita way, I began to think of my blog as providing a certain outlet for men who have a strong need to express themselves sexually but are forbidden to do so in many ways by law, and in many more by societal censure.

I'm personally a long way from the point where a flasher, for example, could elicit more from me than a giggle and a cursory look-see (on the off chance he's packing something interesting there inside his trench coat).  But I can remember a time in my life when that would have been terribly intimidating or even frightening.  An extreme example perhaps, but You Men really need to remember that most women don't have the PI problem. They find it not only extremely difficult to understand how prevalent it is in your lives, but also really quite uncomfortable to even contemplate.  Sort of like a flasher.  Not to mention that some have suffered, sometimes terribly, at the hands of your fellow Men's Club members.

You already have a feel for this, of course, but for some reason many of you still tend to write women off as frigid bitches when we slam you for throwing your PI issues in our faces.  You see, to many of us, it seems crass and Neanderthal to give us even the slightest inkling of how much you would like to drag us by the hair back to your caves and slam us with your mighty clubs till the sun comes up.  We don't like it, not in the least...  or, at least not until the appropriate moment!

Many of us women love innuendo and subtlety.  It's a sign that there might be some depth hiding somewhere buried inside the big ape.  Don't despair, though, because there often IS an appropriate moment to show your Neanderthal side, as I'm sure some of you have figured out.  Try to think of it as part of the thrill of the hunt to get the timing just right. 

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