Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sheer Energy

In the course of posting to Craigslist, trying to get rid of accumulated possessions (a prelude to leaving Berlin?), I came across this ad:

Pantyhose ? Would anyone be interested in selling their pantyhose? Top dollar payed. Serious replies only!

Intrigued at the thought of someone posting such an ad under the prosaic category of
Items Wanted, I charitably overlooked the obvious misspelling and wrote back. I have all sorts of hose I'd brought to Berlin (only to discover such unnatural fashion items are unheard of here, at least in the summer)! But I said I'd be interested only if it involved a fetish. Having determined that indeed it does, I'm off tonight to meet this pantyhose connoisseur. If he is a very, very good boy and buys me a very nice dinner, he might just walk away with a pair of used hose in his pocket!

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