Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1000 Words Away

Commited non-monogamists tend to concur with the small-is-beautiful anarchist's romantic view of tribes.  For a long time I was sceptical of how women's quality of life might have been, back in the good old pre-agricultural days. I am slowly but increasingly convinced, by writers such as Sarah Hrdy, the Ryan and Jetha team, and even Paul Shepard.  So when I read this interesting article in Common Dreams, using Dunbar's number to re-examine world economic crisis and societal disfunction, I immediately thought of non-monogamists' ideas about communitarian sexual relations in the context of a tribe of 150 individuals or so.  That led me to this lovely quote of Dunbar's here: "Words are slippery; a touch is worth a 1,000 words any day."  This couldn't possibly resonate any stronger with this modern woman, blogging in the vast obscurity of the modern-day Internet.

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