Thursday, July 4, 2013

The End of the World as We Know It

My mother wished me a happy fourth of July today.  I couldn't help but reply that I would take a moment to reflect on the large amount of freedom and justice the US disseminates throughout the world.  My sarcasm was perhaps not fully appreciated (ahem).

Let's think now about what exactly I should be celebrating.  The fact that the country of my birth rains down random faceless terror from the sky onto people with which it is not at war, whom it has never even accused of a crime, much less tried in a court of law? The fact that some sort of monolithic shadow entity is shredding the personal privacy of people around the world?  Or that corruption of unimaginable cynicism and greed is responsible for plunging millions if not billions into privation and want during the previous half decade?

I want to be one of those Americans that Evo Morales describes in this speech, touching down last night in La Paz after having been excluded from the airspace of American puppet governments in, of all places, Europe. 

Morales says (minute 1.30), " Es importante buscar alianza con los inmigrantes norteamericanos que sean nuestros aliados para acabar con pol√≠ticas que tratan de seguir dominando y seguir humillando a los pueblos del mundo." [It's important to seek alliances among the U.S. immigrants that are our allies to try to end the policies that try to dominate and humiliate the people of the world.]  Thanks to The Guardian newspaper for the video and its excellent work pounding away at American empire.

This world of ours needs to end as quickly as possible.

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